The best statues in Budapest

The best statues and monuments in Budapest

Budapest is full of beautiful statues. Let's explore the most interesting monuments together. There are ones that almost everyone knows, such as the Millennium Monument of Heroes' Square or the Statue of Liberty. Others are less well known, but they are worth exploring.

The best statues in Budapest:

  1. Millennium Monument
  2. Liberty Statue
  3. Shoes on the Danube Bank Embankment
  4. Matthias Fountain
  5. Holy Trinity Statue
  6. St Gellért Monument
  7. The Lions of the Chain Bridge
  8. Danubius Fountain
  9. 1956 Revolution Monument
  10. Little Princess Statue
  11. Equestrian statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy
  12. Fountain of the Fishing Children
  13. Vörösmarty Statue
  14. Trianon Memorial


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