Horseherd statue

Horseherd statue: iconic bronze statue in the Buda Castle

The Horseherd statue (or Csikós statue) is situated in front of the Royal Riding Hall in the Buda Castle.

The statue was completed at the same time as the stable was built. Jr. György Vastagh made the statue in 1899. It reached its final location in 1901.

The damage sustained during the Second World War was repaired in 1981, and it was returned to its original location in 2022.

Horseherd statue, Csikós statue

Horseherd statue Address

1014 Budapest, Csikós udvar

Horseherd statue Transportation

Bus: 16 - Stop: Dísz tér

Horseherd statue

Horseherd statue and the Royal Riding Hall

Image Gallery of Horseherd statue


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