Matthias Fountain

Fountain of King Matthias: an iconic fountain in the Hunyadi courtyard of the Royal Palace

The popular Matthias fountain is located in the courtyard of Hunyadi, the most beautiful courtyard of the Royal Palace.

The popular attraction depicts King Matthias and his entourage, who are resting at a spring while hunting.

The statue was made by Alajos Stróbl and has been in this place since 1904.

According to city legend, if you throw a coin into the fountain, you will return to Budapest.

Matthias Fountain, Fountain of King Matthias

Matthias Fountain Address

1013 Budapest, Szent György u.

Fountain of King Matthias Transportation

Bus: 16 - Stop: Dísz tér

Matthias Fountain Budapest, Fountain of King Matthias

Image Gallery of Fountain of King Matthias


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