Batthyány Square

Batthyány Square: the one of the most beautiful views of the Parliament building

Batthyány Square is located on the Buda side. It is located directly opposite the building of the Hungarian Parliament.

Fairs were held in the square for a long time and it was a busy transport hub. In the 1870s, the area was elevated, which is why the entrances to the houses of the square are below the street level.

It is named after Lajos Batthyány, the first prime minister of Hungary.

The famous buildings of Batthyány Square are the Church of St. Anne in Buda, the Church of Stigmatisation of Saint Francis, and the Batthány Square Market Hall.

Batthyány Square

Batthyány Square Address

1011 Budapest, Batthyány tér

Batthyány Square Transportation

Metro: line 2 - Stop: Batthyány tér

Batthyány Square

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