Kodály Körönd

Kodály Körönd Budapest: Beautifully painted old buildings

Kodály Körönd is one of the two squares on Andrássy út (the other one is Oktogon). The four buildings on the square form a full circle, with Andrássy út and Szinyei Merse utca intersecting in the middle.

Each of the four buildings has a small garden with chestnut and sycamore trees and a statue each (statues of Vak Bottyán, Zrínyi Miklós, Szondi György and Balassi Bálint, respectively).

Kodály Körönd

Kodály Körönd Address

1063 Budapest, Kodály Körönd

Kodály Körönd Opening hours

best time to visit: daytime

Kodály Körönd Arts Transportation

Metro: line 1 – Station: Kodály Körönd

Kodaly Körönd Budapest

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